Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 08l

Yup! I made it!

All 120 miles (ish) of the trip.

Just my own two feet; and that's about it really. The end of the trip. Another journey over. Try it some time. Its a pain to do but, the memories linger. You'll be glad you did. Honest!

My beard got a longer over the 8 days without a trimmer and despite the rain, I think I actually gained a few shades of sun tan too! Yes really! Impossible! Check for yourself in the pictures!

Thanks to all those who came along for the ride and texted, mailed and phoned. You know who you all are. It was great to know that while I was actually on my own, I wasn't really gonna be on my own forever.


Shall I head off on the South West Coast Path next?


Day 08k

They have a surprisingly steep railway up a cliff!

Only a few meters to go and I shall be finished. Never quite sure whether to laugh or cry at the end. :-) :-(

Nearly there.

I think, my feet got wet.

Something made me smile anyway!

Day 08j

The river Lyn reaches the sea.

The tide was out.

Making it hard to get my feet wet!

Cute pub

Looking east along the coast

Day 08i

Looking back some more.

The coast is nearly here.

Never got to do this, which was a shame!

Houses... the end is in sight!

Nearly in the town.

Day 08h

Finally it got sunny and dry enough to get back to a T-shirt

Nice view of Lynmouth in the distance. Journey's end.

Trail into Lynmouth

Gorse looking pretty now the sun finally shone!

Looking back...

Day 08g

Bye bye Exemoor.

Going, going, gone!

Good advice! That's what this break was ll about realy.

The roads are steep here!

Sea coming up.... somewhere soon!

Day 08f

This is actually part of the Tarka Trail as well as the Two Moors Way.

Look! I can see the sea! At last!

Leaving Exemoor behind.

Not so wet any more.

Day 08e

Rain coming, again!

Still sunny over there.

Not here though! (or was it just windy and cold?)

View from somewhere near the top.

Down I go into the valley.

Day 08d

Do they look mad or curious...?

The fence says 'I don't care' but I would have if I hadn't changed fields!

Heading up onto the top of the moor...

with big wide views

And a solitary sheep!

Day 08c

Came from there.

So this lot followed me along the road for quite a long way. I changed fields to avoid them and had to walk about half a mile out of my way as a result, but they sniffed me out when I came along the road.

Day 08b

If you look really carefully, you'll see that behind that car in the distance, there's a dog. The aged guy driving was going about 5mph and forcing his dog to run behind! Not sure what to think bout that...

Windy and wet.... Meh!

Follow that river...

This has been here for a while. I noticed another box elsewhere that looked like part of the landscape, but that';s all it was. There was nothing it it! Look well because in  decade, these guys won't exist.