Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 07c

It was raining! Ok!

Various pictures of the Tar Steps. these apparently got washed away last year during a flood and the army had to replace them. Not sure why the army had to do that but they did. Now there is a 'tree catcher' upstream. There's some photos later. That should fix it. No more wash-away step thingys. Apparently they are all numbered now on the undersized so if they do get dislodged they can put them back together easier. Cheats!

And it was still raining! In an odd way it was nice. The little circles each raindrop made on the river were very pretty. And you tend to cocoon a bit inside the waterproof too which is cozy. But hell! It was still pissing down!

If the photos are a bit blurry, it's probably because they were taken through a plastic bag designed to keep my expensive phone dry. It worked too, but the phone was next to useless when it was inside it! Still we all live to fight a high-tech-nother day.

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