Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 05 - Chagford to Crediton - 26 km

The weather put something of a dampener on the walk today as it started out just about sunny, rapidly became solidly cloudy and flirted with heavy drizzle for most of the rest of the day. 

The section by the river Teign was lovely  it starts out almost as a bubbly brook but pretty soon ends up as a small river in an enormous gorge near Castle Drogo. The drops from the cliff path near there are not places you can look into and walk at the same time. Well I can't anyway!  

One very odd place I walked past was Chagford Swimming Pool. It's an open air pool in the middle of nowhere and is absolutely huge! It's about 35m long which make sit linger than many a municipal pool. And the killer feature; it's full of river water! Yup, as untreated as they can, which means a touch of chlorine to keep things safe it other than that, pure river water diverted from the river Teign. It opens in mid May each year. You can find out more here

Once I left the gorge of the river and the wether shut down, the rest of the day become a rather long plod through endless fields. So check the pictures for the rest. 

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