Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 06 - Crediton to Knowstone - 28km

Today's walk was 28 km of boredom really. Just bloody fields, fields, fields and then miles and miles of roads. It was chilly and occasionally rainy so it was never certain whether I should have a cagoule on or not. So it was on, off, on, off all day. And it was a long day too and my feet were really tired and aching. Overall, I was glad to get to the end.

I got chased by a couple of bull too which scared and pissed me off. Is it legal to put bulls in a field with a public footpath running through it? And if it is, what should you do when suddenly face with what is effectively a road block? There might not be a sensible alternative route! The field was on the top of a ridge / hill so I couldn't see the other side of it when I started walking through it. So I just too a compass bearing toward where I thought I'd need to end up and set off. When I came over the top and started down the other side, I was right on track for the style to exit the field but between me and it we two bulls. And I'm not normally scared by cows or even bulls in fields but this time I suspected from the first glance that these guys were thinking 'who the hell is that in our field' instead of 'oh oh, shall I run away now or later'. So they turned and stared me out. I walked around them so as not to get between them but as I passed and had my back to them I head the cantering of bull-feet behind me! So I turned and instinctively did the only thing as could which was to shout at it and wag my arm! It seemed disconcerted and stopped! I carried on toward the style which was only 30m away by this time, but I could hear it coming again behind me so again, I turned and yelled at it and told it right off! It stopped again, but didn't seem as surprised this time. As I got to the style, it was coming again so I clambered over and yelled at it some more. It seemed like it could care less and was coming right to the style to  get me before I was finally out of reach. Ha! Too late mate! I'm just very glad that they were standing not all that far from the style so there was a chance for me to get the hell out of there before my shouting wore off. If they had been in the middle of the field instead of by the edge, I don't know what would have happened. Suggestions please so I know what to do next time!

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