Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 03 - Holne to Widecombe - 12 km

A short walk of only 12km today so I had time to dawdle and enjoy the trip. I sat by the river Dart for half an hour, sunggled up in a corner by a waterfall where the roots of a tree clung to the rocks meditating on nothing. I bought an ice cream from an ice cream van in a car park and just took my tme to eat and walk. The path never got too high or cold and it started to rain only 5 minutes before I arrived in Widecombe; but it started to rain a lot! 

I walked past the Old Inn in the centre of Widecombe to the Rugglestone Inn where I have a place booked for dinner later this evening. It's  300 yards down a steep hill but when I got there it was still shut and wasnt going to open until 5pm. On the plus side, I got to see a couple of white geese making out in the stream by the front door though! Live animal porn in front of the boozer! Lol. So then I had to walk back into the village and mistakenly walked right past the place I was going to be staying. When I got to the school, the rain was really staring to kick in and I realised my mistake and turned around and walked back to the centre of the village and found my B&B. But the owner was not there! The neighbour came out to meet me and told me that they had had a puncture and had had to call the AA and weren't back yet. My luggage was in the porch though. So I ended up going back to the Old Inn and having a beer and typing up my blog. 

There are worse ways to spend a rainy Friday evening. And dinner was still to come...

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